Marriages don’t suddenly crumble and fall apart.

Tiny and not-so-tiny cracks and fissures occur over time that go undetected or unattended for months, and sometimes for years! 


And then, for some reason, you notice – you are a Couple In Trouble. 

When your partner starts to speak with you do you find yourself tuning out or turning off?
Have you lost track of how long it’s been since you were close and cuddly together; or worse, do you bristle when he approaches?
Are one or both of you starting fights that seem to be about nothing important? 
How long has it been since you follow through and do what you say and say what you do?
Do you hear yourself complaining to friends about him?

Do you tease her or “kid on the square” and when she gets hurt, claim she just doesn’t have a sense of humor or she’s too sensitive?

Do you bicker, argue or push back on absolutely everything; or maybe you’re cordial and respectful with each other, but the slight chill in the room or the lack of warmth between you is unmistakable?


There is help for Couples In Trouble!

Whether you’re wondering if marriage coaching can help, or your ready to make serious changes in your marriage today, or even if you’re pretty sure that there is no hope to turn things around, think again…and let’s talk!

What you need to remember is this:

Just because there are competing priorities and tremendous external pressures on your marriage, it doesn’t mean that your marriage has to feel the impact. It means it’s time to find new answers and acquire new skills to get your marriage back to being loving and strong.


Who am I and why should you hire me?

Hello.  I am Dr. Jackie Black, your Couples In Trouble Expert.  

Since 1999, I have guided many formerly frustrated and desperately unhappy Couples In Trouble to happiness, closeness and having more fun together than they ever imagined. My years of experience combined with proven strategies will enable you to welcome the results you have always wanted and never believed were possible in your marriage. 


My focus is different from other relationship professionals. When you hire me I am the advocate for your marriage!

The key is to figure out what isn’t working in your relationship and learn or re-learn essential relationship success skills so you both can navigate the tough times and co-create a life you both can love together, no matter how stormy the weather.


Your results!

Couples who work with me welcome results that give both partners cause for celebration instead of fuel for disappointment, disillusionment or argument.

They value how much easier it is to work through their issues and communicate better in every way when they make the wise choice not to go it alone a moment longer and to get the help they need.

  • “We came to our 2-Day, private, Marriage Re-PAIR Program with Dr. Jackie at wits end.  We left hand in hand.”
  • “We are listening to each other for the first time in years and liking what we hear.”
  • “Since our Marriage Intensive we feel closer than ever.”
  • “We’ve replaced conflict with curiosity about each other and rediscovery of ourselves. It’s calm in our home again.”
  • “We’ve reconnected in a deeper way.”
  • “We are enjoying our time together and our intimacy for the first time in a long time.”


Let’s talk and explore how I can help

If you are looking for BIG shifts and vastly different results than you have ever had with other kinds of marriage support, then you are in the right place! 

Vastly different and undeniably better results are achieved when…. 

1. You understand what YOU want for yourself, from your partner and with each other in your marriage; 

2. You focus on exactly what YOU need to be your BEST Self in the presence of your partner.  

Your relationship success doesn’t have anything to do with what I think you should do. 


Here’s Your First Step 

Please complete and submit this Marriage Coaching Conversation Application so I can know a few of the basics about you and your partner, and we can make the best use of our time together during our first phone conversation. 

Then watch your Inbox for an email from me in a day or two with a link to my Personal Online Calendar so you can schedule your Marriage Coaching Conversation with me soon.




If you do not hear back from me in a few days, first check your junk mail folder and then email me and make sure I received your Application.


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