Coaching Philosophy


Dr. Jackie brings a unique combination of academic expertise and training, as well as personal experience to her Marriage Coaching clients. She was married right out of college, divorced for many years when her children were young, met and married Mark, the love of her life, and lived happily ever-after until his death from cancer in 2005.

The coaching relationship is the foundation of the coaching process.

Dr. Jackie’s part of the coaching partnership is to be the holder of the possibilities because she understands you have been hurt, disappointed or disillusioned in your life and in your love life.

Your part of the coaching partnership is to be ready for change, ready to rediscover your capacity and desire for commitment, and ready to learn easy and helpful relationship success skills; and then you can revitalize the love and energy for each other and your marriage that still lies within you.

Weaving the textures of your life experience with those of another, to create a fabric richer than your wildest expectations, is possible.

Dr. Jackie’s education and training provide her with the tools and techniques; her life experience provides her with understanding and empathy.

Your motivation provides the energy so that you and Dr. Jackie create a coaching relationship which is the seat of self-discovery and sustainable action; the place where your biggest dreams and deepest desires can come true.


How is Coaching Different from Counseling and Therapy

Coaching, counseling, and therapy share a lot of things in common. All of them focus on helping people make changes and accomplish goals that are important to them.

Coaching focuses on accomplishing identifiable and specific goals or outcomes so clients can meet meaningful life challenges and create the life they most want to be living. The focus is on the client taking his or her own action. Coaching keeps clients focused, challenged, and motivated for living their lives on purpose. Coaching is about possibilities and the coaching relationship is the vehicle that can shift and change everyday life into realized hopes and dreams.

Coaching is not therapy.  Emotional healing is not the focus of coaching. Coaching clients are not seeking emotional healing or relief from psychological pain.  Coaching assumes that coaching clients are experiencing their emotional reactions to life events and that they are capable of expressing and handling their emotions.

In coaching we ask HOW? Coaching clients move forward toward the goals they intentionally create with their coach. Counselors and therapists often ask why, the focus is often on history and gaining understanding, and clients are often moving away from pain and out of distress. In coaching we hold a vision of the future and all its possibilities.