Jackie Black, Ph.D., BCC

Are you a couple in trouble?

Marriages don’t suddenly crumble and fall apart.
You just don’t notice — until you do.

Are you a couple living with illness?

The diagnosis of an illness is always a shock.
No one is ever prepared.

You are in the right place – whether you are a newly-married or re-married couple, or a couple who has been together for decades, and life together has lost its sweetness or, life as you knew it, is being challenged by illness.


In the beginning, you didn’t know that you would be a Couple in Trouble today.

Tiny and not-so-tiny cracks and fissures occur over time. Most go undetected or unattended for months, and sometimes for years! And then, for some reason, you notice – you are a Couple in Trouble.

The 3 Gold Nuggets Couples in Trouble Depend On guide will show you how to begin to get back to a close and deeply joyful marriage. 


Many couples living with life-threatening or chronic illness are surprised to find out that, as you do your absolute best to deal with all the different challenges that come your way, you start relating to each other in new and not-so-good ways.

Neither of you is on the lookout for the 3 UN-Loving Traps. You don’t even know to watch out for them, and you won’t see any of the Traps before you get caught in one.

The 3 UN-Loving Traps Couples Face Living with Illness guide will help you not get caught, or get out of a Trap, if you are already caught.