How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?
Are you successfully achieving your goals? Or have you failed already?
If you are in the minuscule percentage of people who are successfully achieving your goals, Congratulations!
For everyone else, don’t give it a second thought if you have already failed and have decided “to heck with that stuff anyway!”
New Year’s Resolutions are a set-up for failure.
Let me say that again: New Year’s Resolutions are a set-up for failure.
Changing anything in life when you do so with deliberate intention is hard enough, never mind trying to change something based on faulty thinking and faulty planning.
Here’s a Simple 3-Step Formula to make any change you wish in your life:
First, decide what behavior you want to change or goal you want to achieve. Carefully craft a statement about one or two benefits that will come as a result of changing this behavior or achieving this goal.
How will your life be enriched or improved if you change this behavior or achieve this goal?
Next, make a list of the relevant steps necessary to attain this goal. Be sure to include short-term, mid-term and long-term benefits so you can feel good about all the tiny wins you will have on your way to making this change or achieving this goal.
Last, be sure to include two or three strategies that you are planning to employ. Also include two or three special people who will be your cheerleaders and support you through this time of change.
This Simple 3-Step Formula works perfectly well if you live alone. But you are in a loving partnership with another person who is impacted, influenced and affected by everything you do and say; and who stands ready to be your biggest champion!
Always remember this immutable FACT:
Your partner and your relationship can tolerate and accommodate change IF + WHEN your partner is included in the process.
So, here is The Couples 6-Step Change Formula to make any change, personally or relationally you wish to make:
Steps 1, 2 and 3 above:
Step 4. Schedule a mutually convenient time to sit down and tell your partner exactly what you want to change. Include all the benefits you expect to enjoy and what your partner can anticipate from these changes.
Step 5. Share with your partner who you have considered to include on your Team of Cheerleaders. Be specific about the role of each person.
Step 6. Ask your partner for any feedback or for any support you need specifically need or want from him or her.
This is the recipe to successfully make any change you decide will enhance or improve your life; not just make a New Year’s Resolution that may last for an hour or for a day.
Make the changes you desire for a lifetime; or at least until you decide you want to make a different change. 😊
Remember, only YOU can make it happen!

Original Content by Jackie Black, Ph.D., BCC ~

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