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LOVE Like a Black Belt: Cracking the code to being a happy couple is the ultimate guide for committed couples to build a strong, respectful and lasting love-relationship based on learning, practicing and mastering the essential relationship success skills as discussed by Dr. Jackie, while staying true to the core characteristics of the Black Belt Mindset as discussed by co-author and professional martial artist, Jim Bouchard. 

One of the major ideas in the martial arts is to learn and practice how to “stay in the present moment.” Martial artists teach 15 Virtues of Black Belt Excellence which help to develop one’s character: Respect, Courtesy, Honesty, Integrity, Self-Control, Focus, Self-Discipline, Commitment, Patience, Perseverance, Compassion, Gratitude, Love, Peace and Cooperation. 

Dr. Jackie and Jim artfully weave the Virtues of Black Belt Excellence with the Essential Relationship Success Skills for a book that offers practical know-how enriched by deeply meaningful and engaging stories from ancient Masters that will surely please readers of all ages and lovers of all kinds.

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