Couples In Trouble

For couples who have tried different approaches and programs multiple times without achieving the results they hoped for; perhaps have been failed by traditional marriage therapy and going it alone one more day just isn’t an option; marriage coaching with me might be your answer!

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love year after year after year is quite a different story.

Over time, there are many assaults on your hopes and dreams of “…happily ever after.”


We all know that Love is NOT enough! But what does it take to be a happy couple?


Through the normal course of daily life together you get…

  • Disappointed
  • Disillusioned
  • Frustrated
  • Hurt
  • Mad

… you know what I am talking about.


The problem is not that you have real and significant challenges

We all understand that there are inevitable challenges that all couples experience. Ask yourself these three questions:

Question #1: Do you have the same argument over and over and over again?

Question #2: Is there a stubborn issue that keeps coming up, and seems to make itself the centerpiece of every conversation?

Question #3: Do you often know how a conversation will go (or not) before you even have it?

If you answered YES to one of these questions, you and your partner are operating in a damaging pattern.


More to know

The learned defense or coping pattern of one partner is triggering the survival pattern of the other partner, and now you are operating in a cycle of reactivity.

Your patterns are reacting to each other rather than you, as individuals, interacting with each other.


Marriage Coaching is successful when you are involved and invested in this vigorous change process

Your commitment of focused intention and attention will make a BIG difference in the way you feel and think about your partner and your marriage; and behave with your partner in your marriage.

In marriage coaching, the three of us agree that settling for the married-life you have or simply coping through all the losses of being close, feeling loved and loving, and having fun together is not a solution!

We use your awareness of your behavior and your partner’s behavior that don’t match your commitment to each other and to the loving marriage you initially intended to create, as the place to start your marriage coaching work and begin to create your vision of your best life and love-life together moving forward.


Then we get to work

  • Find the triggers (the source of the emotionally charged problems you are facing);
  • STOP the downward cycle and the cycle of reactivity;
  • Shift destructive patterns fast;
  • Develop the tools and strategies that will positively affect your relational dynamic that has been weakened or damaged; and
  • Craft your action plan and move into implementation.

Marriage coaching will guide you to move forward into stronger and closer connection with each other, and return you to a rich, meaningful and loving, life and love-life!


How do you know if marriage coaching is for you

  • You are still in love and seriously out of sync
  • You still love each other but the spark and the joy of being together is gone
  • You are committed to staying in your marriage but some days it feels more like a prison sentence
  • Issues like deep dissatisfaction in the marriage or with your partner are causing you to withdraw or withhold, or act out against your partner
  • Your dynamic with each other has become transactional and not as interactional or experiential as it once was or you would like it be
  • Special challenges or new or chronic challenges with a child or other family member, or work, financial pressures or health challenges are creating a wedge between you and your partner
  • One or both of you is doing a lot of business traveling and you are drifting apart


We can work together in two different ways

Marriage coaching is a vigorous change process that works; and I have designed two, very different ways that we can work together:

8-Week, Marriage Turnaround Coaching Program

3-Day Destination Marriage Retreat


During the 8-Week, Marriage Turnaround Coaching Program, you and your partner will work with me every week for 8-weeks on the telephone or Skype for 90-minutes. Learn more.

During the 3-Day Destination Marriage Retreat, you and your partner will work me in person, for 3-days. Learn more.


Let’s talk about your interest in the Marriage Turnaround Coaching Program or the
3-Day Destination Marriage Retreat and explore which option might work best for you

If you are looking for BIG shifts and vastly different results than you have ever had with other kinds of marriage support, then you are in the right place!

Vastly different and undeniably better results are achieved when….

1. You understand what YOU want for yourself, from your partner and with each other in your marriage;

2. You focus on exactly what YOU need to be your BEST Self in the presence of your partner.

 Your relationship success doesn’t have anything to do with what I think you should do.


Here’s your first step 

Please complete and submit this Marriage Coaching Conversation Application so I can know a few of the basics about you and your partner, and we can make the best use of our time together during our first phone conversation.

Then watch your Inbox for an email from me in a day or two with a link to my Personal Online Calendar so you can schedule your Marriage Coaching Conversation with me soon.



If you do not hear back from me in a few days, first check your junk mail folder and then email me and make sure I received your Application.








My Disclaimer

Please know that these Marriage Coaching Programs are educational and not therapy. All information gathered during the intake and registration process is strictly confidential. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the intention and quality of these Programs and the content on this web site. Nothing in the content of this web site is intended to be interpreted as promises, guarantees or warranties. Please understand that you create your own unique results based on your effort, your commitment to your personal growth, your life experience, vision, values, and your own resources. Your results are achieved by the choices you make.