Destination Marriage Retreat


The 3-Day Destination Marriage Retreat is an exceptional, personalized experience specifically designed for you to…

  • Make and take the time to invest in yourself and your partner in a picturesque and captivating city for influencers, creatives and cultures from around the world;
  • Deepen your connection to yourself, to your partner, and to your relationship; and
  • Kick up your emotional and relational intelligence a notch or two in a very compressed timeframe.


The highlights of your destination marriage retreat

Can you just imagine…

  • A few days to stop the world and enjoy leisure time and being pampered in an exclusive, luxurious setting
  • A respite from the pressures of your life and the world you live in
  • The opportunity to focus on yourself, your partner and your relationship –UNinterrupted
  • A rare chance to have personal time to be reflective and introspective
  • As much time as you choose to BE with each other in private and elegant surroundings
  • A time to receive focused, personal attention and facilitated, practical experience
  • A way to share a truly effective and transformational experience together


You and your partner will be immersed into a whole system of simple, yet powerful models, tools and strategies that will… 

  • Stretch your thinking
  • Deepen your connection to yourself and one another
  • Increase your emotional consciousness
  • Provide the focused framework that will inspire you to shift from where you are into relational mastery
  • Awaken to the previously unseen and unfolding possibilities in your connection


The objective, benefit & outcome of your destination marriage retreat

The objective of this extraordinary experience is to introduce you and your partner to this highly innovative, exceptional way to transform your relationship; and provide a safe, relaxed, and sacred environment for you to stretch and grow personally and relationally in a very compressed timeframe.

The benefit of your Destination Marriage Retreat is that you will shift your unconscious or less conscious, reactive behavior patterns to intentional, conscious, co-created relating and loving.

The outcome will be that your old ways of reacting to each other will be replaced by your new awareness and choosing to use the set of relationship skills and processes you will have learned, deeply informed by your ever-expanding sense of compassion, understanding, love, and respect for each other.


Before + after your destination marriage retreat

Pre-Retreat Coaching sessions and Post-Retreat Coaching sessions are included in this Program.


Ready to know more

3-Day Destination Marriage Retreats are offered in Panamá City, Panamá.

Please take a virtual tour of this “European jewel on the Pacific:”



There is a wide variety of very affordable hotels in Panamá City. One of my personal favorites for Destination Marriage Retreats is the American Trade Hotel, in Casco, Viejo.


Transportation to Panamá City

Panamá City is served by United Airlines and American Airlines from many US cities. It is also served by COPA airlines from many US, Central American and South American cities. Panamá City is also a destination for many popular European and Mid-East airlines.


Transportation around Panamá City

Panamá City is a city that is very easy and very safe to walk around. Taxis are plentiful and you can get almost anywhere you want to go for $4 or less in an UBER.

I will pick you up from Tocuman Airport when you arrive and take you back to Tocuman Airport when you depart. When we meet to work together, I will pick you up from and take you back to your hotel.

We can talk much more about the details of your retreat after we all decide that a Destination Marriage Retreat is the right format for you and your partner to do to meet your relationship goals.


Let’s talk and explore how I can help

If you are looking for BIG shifts and vastly different results than you have ever had with other kinds of marriage support, then you are in the right place!

Vastly different and undeniably better results are achieved when….

1. You understand what YOU want for yourself, from your partner and with each other in your marriage;

2. You focus on exactly what YOU need to be your BEST Self in the presence of your partner.

Your relationship success doesn’t have anything to do with what I think you should do.


Here’s your first step 

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