Marriage Turnaround Coaching Program


The 8-Week Marriage Turnaround Coaching Program is a unique, customized experience, specifically designed for you to…

  • Shift out of limiting attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that no longer affirm and esteem you, your partner or your marriage; and
  • Revitalize the love and energy that still lies inside you for each other and your marriage.

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love and sustaining closeness, romance and intimacy can be more challenging that you ever imagined.


What are you tolerating in your marriage that must change and change soon?

Toleration #1: You may not be aware of exactly when you started to feel resigned to the rut that has become your busy, multi-tasking existence with each other; but you know something has to change and it needs to change now.

Toleration #2: There is something to be said for being committed to staying in your marriage even though some days it feels more like a prison sentence than a choice because you love each other and still want to be together. But every day you know more and more clearly that your marriage can not go on limping along like this too much longer. Something has to change.

Toleration #3: There are competing priorities and tremendous external pressures on your marriage, but that doesn’t mean your marriage has to feel the impact.

If you are regularly tolerating one or more frustrating or upsetting situations in your marriage, it is time to find new answers and acquire new skills to get your marriage back to being loving and strong. The Marriage Turnaround Coaching Program might be exactly what you have been looking for.


Challenges in your marriage can be positively affected by marriage coaching

Do any of these scenarios sound like you and your partner?

Scenario #1: You recognize that building a successful marriage doesn’t just happen by itself; but no one ever taught you the Essential Relationship Success Skills you need to build a healthy, passionate connection with another person.

Scenario #2: You’ve noticed for a long time that you and your partner are focusing on schedules and the tedious requirements of daily life; and not on connecting with each other at the body, mind, spirit level the way you used to.

Scenario #3: You and your partner are operating in a never-ending, vicious cycle; and at this point you’re pretty apprehensive about actually exploring what isn’t working for you and hearing what isn’t working for your partner.

Scenario #4: You are sick and tired of the way you and your partner interact and over react (and more importantly, don’t respond, which is the way loving adults express themselves in a healthy relationship); but neither one of you can seem to clearly identify or articulate what the problem seems to be and, neither of you can bring any real change to your relational dynamic.

Scenario #5: Your way of engaging each other in your marriage has devolved to the #1 defense process: blaming each other.

Scenario #6: How did the person you loved most in the world and knew you would spend your whole life loving and being loved by suddenly become the “big, bad wolf;” and the more you want to get close the more you seem to fight and push each other away.


Your desired outcomes when you commit to marriage coaching

  • All you both want is to stop the insanity that has become your marriage and have it be like it used to be – close, fun and amazing.
  • What probably is missing is real-time experience of shifting out of attitudes and behaviors that crept into your relational dynamic over time that are not facilitative of closeness and intimacy.
  • How valuable would it be to uncover the biggest relationship mistake you’re making right now with you partner?

During regularly scheduled marriage coaching sessions you will learn and practice tools, strategies and relationship success skills that will reduce the conflict in your relationship; repair hurt feelings; and resolve the resentments and anger that are poisoning your sacred, relational space!


The way forward

Marriage Coaching is a vigorous change process that begins with exploring Self-knowledge: Who are you at your deepest core? What are your values, beliefs and legitimate needs?

Partner-knowledge is the next essential piece to explore. What gifts, skills and personal strengths do you value and appreciate about yourself that you would like to remind your partner to value and appreciate about you too?

Essential Relationship Success Skills are what enable you and your partner to build or rebuild the life that you love with the love of your life.

For example, redefining roles and boundaries, or tossing them out altogether, can be freeing and a powerful step to co-creating the relationship structure that matches better for the people you have become vs. trying to fit yourselves into a structure that might have once been a good fit, but certainly isn’t anymore.


The benefits of marriage coaching

It sounds like it is time to shift the dynamic in your marriage fast and forever so you can…

  • Respond to each other from your authentic, grounded, vulnerable place inside you instead of from your defenses, fears and doubts
  • Stop being triggered and making inaccurate meaning of your partner’s every word, look and action/inaction
  • Replace blaming each other with respectful dialogue, and making behavior change requests
  • Connect more deeply
  • Reignite the passion that faded long ago
  • Explore what else might be possible


Marriage Turnaround Coaching Program

Marriage Turnaround Coaching Program might be just what you need now to stop the emotional and relational downward spiral and get the education, support and tools you need to co-create a relationship characterized by respect for each other’s differences, your willingness and ability to be authentic, increase the compassion and deepen the passion.

During this program’s regularly scheduled marriage coaching sessions you and your partner will become (more) conscious of both the positives and negatives that drive the relational dynamics in your marriage.

You will learn and practice step-by-step dialogues and processes that foster that compassion and understanding (Partner-knowledge); and release self-defeating behaviors and become able to honor your legitimate needs and ask for what you need and want(Self-knowledge).

You’ll be able to stop routine blow-ups and handle your frustrations as they show-up, get focused on meeting your partner’s needs while honoring your own, and move forward into a stronger and closer connection with each other.

No one will ever be asked or required or expected to set aside his or her own needs in service of the other partner. Never.


Let’s talk and explore how I can help

If you are looking for BIG shifts and vastly different results than you have ever had with other kinds of marriage support, then you are in the right place!

Vastly different and undeniably better results are achieved when….

1. You understand what YOU want for yourself, from your partner and with each other in your marriage;

2. You focus on exactly what YOU need to be your BEST Self in the presence of your partner.

Your relationship success doesn’t have anything to do with what I think you should do.


Here’s your first step 

Please complete and submit this Marriage Coaching Conversation Application so I can know a few of the basics about you and your partner, and we can make the best use of our time together during our first phone conversation.

Then watch your Inbox for an email from me in a day or two with a link to my Personal Online Calendar so you can schedule your Marriage Coaching Conversation with me soon.



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