Marriage Coaching Conversation Application


I’m looking forward to exploring working with you so you can achieve the BIG shifts and vastly different results than you have ever had with other kinds of marriage support.


It is important to me to be sure that (1) marriage coaching is the right “work” for you and your partner to do to meet your relationship goals; (2) that now is the right time; and (3) that I am the right marriage coach.

To help all of us determine this and be fully prepared for our first phone meeting, please complete and submit this Marriage Coaching Conversation Application.

Then watch your Inbox for an email from me in a day or two with a link to my Personal Online Calendar so you can schedule your Marriage Coaching Conversation with me soon.

(If you do not hear back from me in a few days, first check your junk mail folder and then email me and make sure I received your Application.)


Now, take a few minutes in a quiet place to think about and respond to the following questions.

Your answers will give me the information I need to maximize the value of our first Marriage Coaching Conversation.


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What is your partner’s name?

How long have you been married?

Is this your first marriage? First remarriage? Second remarriage? Other?

1. What are three things that are true about you as a partner? (For example, you believe you are very attentive to your partner’s needs; you don’t know what your partner wants anymore; everything you do is wrong lately).

2. What are the top three things you are most concerned about in your marriage right now?

3. What do you believe will happen if these concerns are not addressed?

4. What other solutions have you already invested in to try to address your concerns?

5. If you could wave a magic wand, what one thing would you change in yourself today?

6. If you could wave a magic wand, what one thing would you change in your partner today?

7. What might be possible for you and you partner if you finally resolve these concerns?

8. How ready are you to get help with your marriage concerns today?

9. What specific questions would you like to ask me during our Marriage Coaching Conversation?

10. If our Marriage Coaching Conversation is as successful as you and I hope it will be, what might stop you from enrolling in Marriage Coaching at the end of our Marriage Coaching Conversation?