Why Are Boundaries Important? 📘

If your life is filled with discord and you don’t feel that others respect you, it’s time to set your boundaries. Each of us experiences our reality in four ways: Body– what we look like; Thinking– how we give meaning to incoming data; Feelings– our emotional...

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How to Receive an Apology

For most partners, it is equally difficult and uncomfortable to receive an apology as it is to offer an apology! Offering and receiving apologies is an art and requires learning a few simple skills and practicing those skills often. 8 Simple Steps to Receive an...

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How to Offer an Apology

For most of us, offering an apology feels awkward or uncomfortable. For one thing, we don’t have a lot of practice. For another thing, the concept of apologizing is often associated with being “bad” or “wrong.” Does this concept match for you? I invite you to consider...

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