What People Are Saying…

What Couples Are Saying About Working With Dr. Jackie

“Dr. Jackie, we are so grateful to you for helping us stop the downward spiral in our marriage. We are both very busy executives working for different organization, and in our efforts to insure the growth of our organizations, especially in these tough economic times, we lost track of each other—almost completely. Our life became a tedious series of transactional conversations -as you would call them. We stopped connecting to each other and enjoying each other. Our Destination Marriage Intensive was remarkable and turned us BOTH around in short order. In some ways those were the longest two days of our lives; and in other ways the time flew by. We couldn’t get over how fast we made BIG shifts and changes. It was the one concept about stickiness that really turned us both around. We all know retaining top talent is important and that turnover can bleed our organizations dry. But it never occurred to either of us to apply what we know about retaining our people to each other and our marriage. Thank you for all you do for people who do so much for others.”

Karen and Howard M.


“Ken and I thank you, thank you, thank you! I was the one who wasn’t sure about what we could really accomplish in two days. We went to a marriage counselor for a long time several times during our marriage but nothing ever changed. In fact, I was more depressed and more despairing about the state of our marriage after those experiences than before we went. But honestly, our 2-day Marriage Intensive was the most incredible experience I have ever had as an individual and that we ever had as a couple.

I am a corporate executive and Ken is an entrepreneur with his fingers in many pies and for a long time it seemed like our marriage was one of the pies that wasn’t getting any of his attention. In the first few hours with you I was shocked to recognize that it was I who had withdrawn from him and our marriage. Not in a mean way, but as a result of being so disappointed and disillusioned about love and marriage.

We both understand that companies and organizations can’t have a “one size fits all” approach and expect to motivate and keep our team members, but we never applied that concept to ourselves and our marriage, and so we didn’t build a marriage and a life together that was truly reflective of who we were as individuals and what we wanted as a couple.

The more we engaged in the Couples Dialogue process the more we really heard what we each value and need for ourselves and in some cases from each other. Wow! That was transforming for us! And knowing that there are practical behaviors that we can each do was such a relief! Not we can accurately choose and predict the shifts and changes that are possible for us.

We hear your voice whispering in our ear every day and we are so grateful.”

Thank you Dr. Jackie.
Melinda and Ken L.


“Nancy and I want to sing your praises, Dr. Jackie. Your Destination Marriage Intensive was recommended to us by a colleague of Nancy, who had worked with you with his wife. They were on the brink of divorce and after their Marriage Intensive and follow-up couples coaching with you, they are happier than ever and will grow old together, the universal dream of married people.

Nancy and I were not on the brink of divorce but when I decided that I wanted to explore early retirement it was like a huge Tsunami hit our marriage. We could never have navigated that decision-making process and negotiated that huge change in our lives and in our marriage without your keen insight and your razor sharp understanding of the issues affecting and impacting each of us as individuals as well as a couple. We feel very fortunate to have learned skills and have tools we can use and depend on to keep us open and connected to ourselves and each other so our marriage will always be strong and be a place where we can both be more with each other than we could ever be alone!”

Nancy and Matt K


What Couples Are Saying About Their BIGGEST Take-away Working With Dr. Jackie

“Our marriage was good, and we have always loved each other. Now we are closer than ever and are really talking about issues and resolving problems quickly and lovingly.” J.K.

“Your input and ability to listen openly to both sides has really helped us through this hard time.” TR & RK

“Thanks for helping us live more fully and with intention AND live together as a couple!” HH & KL

“The couples retreat was great but too short! Thank you for the listening skills piece! It made all the difference in the world as my husband and I practiced during the retreat.” NP

“Sometimes we thought we might not make it. Neither of us wanted a divorce. Couples Coaching really helped us find the road back to each other, and we learned so many new couple skills and tools. Thank you Dr. Jackie.” BB & GB

“I really enjoyed the couples retreat especially finding out that other couples experience the same problems. I really appreciated being able to work on specific problems with Dr. Jackie and my wife right on the spot, and focusing on solutions and alternatives. The best idea was to make time to listen to my wife!! I intend to use the worksheets often.” RP

“The couples retreat information was packaged superbly. I wish there had been more time—I could have sat there for days learning, practicing and enjoying results! What I learned and unpacked today will make me a better partner, friend, colleague, mother and educator. Thank you, Dr. Jackie for touching my life!” TO “Dr. Jackie, thank you for helping me realize that others won’t understand me if I never tell them how I feel or what I want. I’ll use all this wonderful information and rich learning at work and at home with my family and my partner.” MG

“What I liked the most was the opportunity to hear from other couples and share our experiences. I really learned a lot!” RB

“This Couples Coaching is no joke…it was more work and bigger results than I could have imagined. You rock Dr. J!” RW

“Our work together is lasting a lifetime.” HK






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