Is it time for a Complimentary Discovery Conversation?

Let’s chat about your marriage.

I want to hear about your relationship: What’s working, what’s not and what you would like to be different. Let’s explore how I can help and how we might be able to partner together to make the shifts and changes you want to make.

If we decide that we are a good fit to work together after our initial conversation, we will explore the ways we can partner together and craft your path to living a REMARKABLE life together with illness or chronic pain more quickly than you might on your own.

Here’s What You’ll Get in the Discovery Conversation:

  • 60 minutes of couples coaching
  • A private, confidential conversation where you can share what’s going on and what’s missing for you in your marriage.
  • I’ll answer your questions. YOU can get a sense of me and how WE interact.
  • Then, YOU decide if I am the person who can help you (or not) and take the next step that matches for you.

Let’s talk.

You ARE worth it.

The life that you want with your partner IS possible.

We can do this TOGETHER.


You can stay where you are, or make sustainable changes and live the life that you love with the love of your life.

Which path will you choose?

Why not complete the form on this page and schedule your Discovery Conversation?

There is no charge for this Discovery Conversation and there is no pressure to work with me further.

Worst case, you will receive valuable feedback from me that you can use as soon as you hang up the phone, recognizing that it IS possible to reignite your enthusiasm for your love-life and reconnect your hearts.




One conversation can change your marriage forever. This may be it.

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