Love is NOT enough! 

Love + Self-knowledge + Partner-knowledge + the Essential Relationship Success Skills = a Happy, Lasting Relationship!


This series includes 14 eBooklets focusing on the Essential Relationship Success Skills, developed to offer concrete information that will enable you to finally co-create the strong, respectful and lasting love-relationship you’ve always wanted!


1.   Being Your Best YOU Before Becoming We

2.   Understanding the Difference Between Being Needy and Having Legitimate Needs

3.   Making Sure That How You See Your Partner Matches How Your Partner Has Changed Over the Years

4.   Committing for the Long-term with Courage

5.   Listening Compassionately with More Than Your Ears

6.   Setting, Maintaining and Honoring Boundaries with Mutual Respect

7.   Crafting and Honoring Agreements with Mutual Confidence

8.   Creating Fun, Leisure, and Alone Time with Deliberate Intention

9.   Dealing with Conflict and Repairing Hurt Feelings with Deliberate Intention

10. Stop Fighting Over Money and Start Mindfully Building Your Family Business

11. Calling Time-out on Giving Up, Giving In or Settling for Less

12. Falling in Love, Staying in Love and Being Sweethearts Forever

13. Understanding and Celebrating the Dynamics of an ADHD Couple

14. Practicing Gratitude and Showing Appreciation


 Essential Relationship Success Skills for Happy Couples eBooklets will be available for sale soon. 

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