The Connection Booster VIP Day

PRACTICAL Relationship Coaching for High Achieving
Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Instead of feeling disconnected from yourself, your partner and your relationship,
Rekindle that yummy place you once loved being in, together.

You can accomplish so much more than you can imagine in one VIP Day.

“We can’t get over how fast we made BIG shifts and changes. Dr. Jackie, you rock!”

Brian and Liz D.

Does This Sound Familiar?


You re-hash the same arguments over and over and they never end in a Win, Win, Win solution.

It feels awful to try to be somebody else’s definition of a good partner or try to do what somebody else says you must to have a successful relationship.
You tried following guru tricks and all that did was kill the spark.
You’ve become “roommates” who only talk about business, kids and who will do what tasks and when.

Maybe you could keep this up for the next 10 years, but why do that? Where is the fun and the enjoyment you want and deserve to have with your partner?

You’re reading this because you and your partner still believe, or at least still hope, that you can get back to being those loving, deeply connected and joyful partners you used to be.

You created that super connected and deeply meaningful relationship once, and that means it’s in you to do it, NOW!

You didn’t get into a relationship just to be “fine.”

What if instead of relying on random moments of connection, you understood the skills that create that connection and how to use those skills to connect continuously and more deeply than ever before?

In just one day…

Create your own relationship framework for deeper connection
Stop feeling like roommates and become romantic partners, again
Walk away knowing what to change when you have no idea what to do
Unlock hidden strategies you probably aren’t using to repair your partnership
The Connection Booster VIP Day

You’ve got a plan and strategies for your business, so why not for your partnership?

Introducing The Connection Booster VIP Day on Zoom For Couples Who Are Tired of Settling For What You Have

What you and your partner do in the next 90-days can change everything. Don’t leave it up to chance.

In one day of high-touch relationship coaching, you and your partner will master the WIN. WIN. WIN. Principle:

I Win (You)
You Win (Your Partner)
We Win (Your Relationship)

Your VIP Day includes highly personalized couple’s coaching with me.

Your Connection Booster VIP Day is designed for you and your partner to get a powerful and transformational experience of relationship coaching and focus on creating continuous connection with each other every day.


2-hour Deep Dive Session based on my signature coaching method, the ME YOU WE Principle, based on the science of connection [the three of us]


2-hour Date Break [convo starters, connection exercises… just the two of you]


2-hour Shared Partner Visioning Session [the three of us]


1-hour Post VIP Day Check-in [the three of us]


7-days after your VIP Day, you’ll receive your personalized, 90-day Continued Connection Plan via email

Your Continued Connection Plan reminds you what you can say and do that sends the unmistakable message that you are loved, valued, and you matter to your partner.

Are there aspects of your love-life that just aren’t working the way you hoped they would?

Do you wonder if you and your partner will ever figure it out and be in that yummy place with each other, again?

If you’re just not communicating effectively with each other and you wind up feeling defensive and lonely, you’re in the right place.

If you can’t do or say anything right anymore, this VIP Day is for you.

If you want to spend an inspiring day focused on deepening and strengthening your connection with each other, this VIP Day was made for you.

The Benefits of Your VIP DAY

This day will give you practical, couple-specific strategies to be stronger than ever, together.

Consider What the Two of You Are Capable Of…

Rekindle Emotional Intimacy

The VIP Day provides a safe and supportive environment for you to reconnect emotionally. You’ll learn effective communication techniques that foster a deeper emotional bond between you and your partner.

Strengthen Your Connection

By participating in the VIP Day, you’ll have the opportunity to end the isolation and loneliness you’ve been feeling and rebuild and strengthen deep connection with your partner. You’ll engage in activities and exercises designed to enhance trust, understanding and closeness.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Arguing over everything can create distance and strain in a relationship. The VIP Day equips you with practical, couple-specific, conflict resolution skills enabling you to stop hurting each other, address disagreements constructively, and find mutually satisfactory solutions: I Win. You Win. We Win.

Rediscover Your Shared Vision

Many couples drift apart because they no longer share the same vision for their relationship. During the VIP Day, you’ll have a chance to realign your goals and aspirations as a couple and reignite your sense of purpose and unity.

Co-create the Safe Space for Vulnerability

Fear of rejection and judgement can hinder open and honest communication. During the VIP Day, you’ll co-create a safe and supportive space where both of you can express your deepest thoughts, fears and desires without fear of ridicule or criticism.

Enhance Love and

Feeling loved and safe with your partner is crucial for a thriving relationship. The VIP Day focuses on nurturing love and safety, helping you both feel valued, supported, and cherished by each other.

Tools for Sustainable Connection

The VIP Day equips you with couple-specific tools and strategies to decrease the tension, blaming and defensiveness, and co-create open-hearted communication so you can sustain emotional connection and intimacy for a thriving partnership beyond the VIP Day.

Think about this for a minute:

How you communicate with each other leads to…


Connection or Disconnection

Staying out of conflict or getting into conflict
Being able to repair upsets fast or feeling resentful for months or years
Being joyful and fulfilled or feeling angry and frustrated

Ultimately, the Connection Booster VIP Day aims to revitalize your relationship and boost your overall satisfaction with yourself, your partner and your relationship. By investing in this experience, you’re taking a proactive step toward creating a happier, more fulfilling and long-lasting partnership.

Enrolling in the VIP Day demonstrates your commitment to investing in your long-term relationship. By dedicating time and effort to this program, you signal to your partner the importance of your shared journey and the value you place on your
relationship’s health and growth.

When you and your partner feel seen and heard by each other, and your connection is continuous, and strong and yummy, imagine how that might impact, affect, and influence the quality of your whole life!


Hello! I’m Dr. Jackie.

I coach entrepreneurial and professional couples whose relationship are a mess, and you feel disconnected from yourself, from your partner and from your relationship.

What makes me different from so many relationship professionals is that I’m able to see you as individuals and as a couple; see your interactions and reactions; help each of you recognize how you show up in your life and with your partner, what your beliefs and values are and how they affect what you do and say; and then weave those threads into the fabric of your couple-relationship.

Nobody is the bad guy. Nobody is identified as the one who must make a change or suffer a loss for the greater good. Nobody is asked to compromise, give in, give up or settle for less than what you need and want to be happy. Both of you get to be your best and most brilliant passionate Self in the presence of each other.

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC
Relationship Expert, Marriage Educator, Board-Certified Coach to Couples.

My guiding principle is to help you as a couple co-create a Win, Win, Win outcome, no matter what the issue is. I Win. You Win. We Win.

With me, you get over 36 years of experience guiding more than 1,000 couples across cultures in eight countries. I help my clients gain the tools and know-how specifically designed to enable you to experience an extraordinary relationship with each other.

Whether you are young lovers racing toward the next step in your relationship or a mature couple who has shared many decades together in a loving marriage (or anywhere in between!) you can transform your relationship and have breakthroughs that last more than a week or a month. You can rekindle that yummy place you once loved to be in together, and feel deeply loved, cherished and safe in each other’s arms once again.

What is the cost of not solving
your relationship problem?

A part of you already knows.

What has it already cost you to remain where you are? Now, think forward one year… what could happen if you don’t make changes and you continue on the path you’re on now? This is the real cost of not taking action today.

It’s worth it to solve your relationship problem now because it will have a positive ripple effect in all areas of your life.

There is so much to consider. I can help you sort out your concerns. Let’s set up a few minutes to chat about the shifts and changes you’d like to make in your relationship. With the outcomes you expect from doing this change work with me, we can craft personalized strategies to help you solve the specific problems and challenges you have in your relationship.

One conversation can change your relationship forever. This one might be the one.

Here’s what my clients have to say

“We have a better understanding of how to talk to each other and to listen deeply and elegantly for the purpose of being known, as Dr. Jackie refers to it. What a gift she gave us that we will use forever!”

~ Joe and Laura H.

“My partner and I used to talk past each other. Since our VIP Day, we are speaking with each other, and we feel closer and closer after every conversation instead of hurt and more distant.”

~ Barbara and Ken R.

“We were a little worried that a VIP Day wasn’t enough time to really change anything. After our VIP Day with Dr. Jackie, we’re thrilled to report that we aren’t walking on eggshells with each other anymore and we’re happier than ever. What a relief and a blessing. If you’re ready to make every day feel like your honeymoon, Dr. Jackie’s VIP Day is for you!”

~ Daniel G. and Morgan S.

“Before our VIP Day, we knew something wasn’t working in our communication. Jane was mad at me all the time and I was shut down and working a lot. Now, we have tools and strategies to stop all that unproductive stuff and work out our differences with each other and stay in connection. Finally, our home is filled with the love we’ve always felt for each other.”

~ Jane and Rick F.

“Dr. Jackie helped us learn to work through the same arguments and disagreements we’ve been having for years during our VIP Day. Amazing! We are so very grateful, Dr. J!”

~ Leesa and Dave T.

“We can’t believe we were doing and saying the same things over and over for years and neither of us ever recognized it. Being able to recognize the patterns that were keeping us stuck was just one of the powerful takeaways for us from our VIP Day with Dr. Jackie.”

~ Toni and Mac P.

“Our VIP Day with Dr. Jackie has made the BIGGEST difference than any couple work has made – ever! We just cannot believe the difference in each of us! Now, we are showing each other the love we have always felt and truly RECEIVING the love from each other. We are more and more in love every day. It’s exactly what we were afraid to dream of.”

~ Richard and Barb W.

“We truly believe Dr. Jackie has magical powers. We were skeptical about anything changing in one VIP Day, but woweee. Listen to Dr. Jackie and let the magic happen.”

~ Heather and Mark L.

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