Well, of course you do… who would ever say they didn’t want to LIVE a remarkable life with their partner?

The REAL question is – how do you live WELL when you are living with life-threatening or chronic illness?

The diagnosis of an illness is always a shock. No one is ever prepared.

I bet you would be surprised to hear that being smart (IQ), or educated, or successful in your career will not help you when you have BIG, normal and natural feelings; and when you try to extend support to your partner who has BIG, normal and natural feelings about facing illness.

As important as our relationships are, they are not always easy.

There are a whole host of essential, RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS SKILLS that will enable you to

  • Have a deeper understanding of yourself, your partner and the way you relate (the operative word in relationship).
  • Be aware of the themes and patterns of your actions and reactions at work in your relationship, and shift the ones that are not serving you.
  • Be more present with each other so you can co-create meaningful change that is a good fit for both of you.
  • Identify shared, different and competing needs and values, and not let them negatively impact you.
  • Build a foundation based on good will and good intention.
  • Reclaim the warmth, security and connection with each other.
  • Communicate with kindness, respect and compassion.
  • Get good at comforting yourself and your partner.
  • Skillfully relate to your partner in times of difficulty and when challenges arise.
  • Utilize the powerful skills of I-message Feedback and Knee-to-Knee sharing.

I want you to know…

I am ready to be your partner on this journey, so you can close the emotional gap between you that’s been widening little by little for a while, reignite your enthusiasm for your love-life and reconnect your hearts.

Here’s how we can partner together.

There are three ways that we can partner together, depending on the level of personal support that fits your needs.

  1. 7-Week online program, Couples Daring to Live Well (with illness) Program.
  2. 3-Day Private Destination Retreat, Couples Daring to Live Well (with illness) Retreat™.
  3. 9-Month Private Coaching Program™.

Is it time for a Complimentary Discovery Session?

Let’s chat about your marriage.

I want to hear about your relationship: What’s working, what’s not and what you would like to be different. Let’s explore how I can help and how we might be able to partner together.


7-Week Online Experience


3-Day Private Destination Retreat 

Here’s how it works out.

My 7-Week Online Experience, 3-Day Private Destination Retreat, and 9-Month Private Coaching Program are for couples who are ready to take action and live a REMARKABLE life with illness.

If you recognize what is not  working in your relationship, and you’re ready to find out if I am the professional who can help you (or not), why not take the next step and request a Complimentary Discovery Session?

Here’s what will happen next.

We’ll talk and explore how we might partner together so you can make the shifts and changes you want to make.

If we decide that we are a good fit to work together after our initial conversation, you’ll choose the program option that best fits your relationship needs, and we’ll begin our work together.

There is no charge for this Discovery Session and there is no pressure to work with me further.

Worst case, you will receive valuable feedback from me that you can use as soon as you hang up the phone, recognizing that it is possible to reignite your enthusiasm for your love-life and reconnect your hearts.

My Disclaimer
Please know that these Marriage Coaching Programs are educational and not therapy. All information gathered during the intake and registration process is strictly confidential. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the intention and quality of these Programs and the content on this web site. Nothing in the content of this web site is intended to be interpreted as promises, guarantees or warranties. Please understand that you create your own unique results based on your effort, your commitment to your personal growth, your life experience, vision, values, and your own resources. Your results are achieved by the choices you make.