to develop deeper awareness of yourself, your partner and the WAYS YOU INTERACT, to get good at COMFORTING YOURSELF AND YOUR PARTNER, and to become more able to SKILLFULLY RELATE TO YOUR PARTNER in times of difficulty and when challenges arise…


Let’s partner together.


6-Month Couples Group Coaching Program

This 6-month group coaching program was created for couples who want an on-going, consistent level of personal support from me, and recognize the unparalleled benefits of being part of a small coaching group of like-minded couples.

Many couples prefer the small, group coaching format because they benefit from the collective wisdom of the group, and feel “less on the spot” when sensitive and challenging issues emerge. Group members have more time to reflect and integrate their awareness and insights, and frequently, one person’s ah-ha moment is a powerful mirror for others.

This couples coaching group meets in my Zoom Coaching Center.

One conversation can change your marriage forever. This one may be the one.


3-Day Private Virtual Retreat

This private, virtual retreat was created for Couples in Trouble and Couples Facing Illness who want the maximum level of personal support from me, and want to create significant changes very quickly.

This program is well suited to couples who want to receive focused, personal attention and facilitated, practical experience. In your private retreat you and your partner will be immersed in powerful, couple-specific skills and attitudes that promote a truly effective and transformational experience.

This might be the conversation that changes everything for you. Let’s talk.

My Disclaimer
Please know that these Marriage Coaching Programs are educational and not therapy. All information gathered during the intake and registration process is strictly confidential. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the intention and quality of these Programs and the content on this web site. Nothing in the content of this web site is intended to be interpreted as promises, guarantees or warranties. Please understand that you create your own unique results based on your effort, your commitment to your personal growth, your life experience, vision, values, and your own resources. Your results are achieved by the choices you make.